A Gothic Fantasy of Erotic Horror ~ ‘Fortuna: The Coupling’

Fortuna: The Coupling is a Gothic fantasy of erotic horror . . .

‘May fortune be thy misery, love be thy madness, and sleep be thy nightmare!’

Fortuna: The Coupling


Following a car crash in a storm, Lily Ward wakes up and enters the pages of a Gothic romance of nightmare proportions . . .

May Day 2013, a car crashes in a violent storm, and a young woman wakes up in Mortshire Infirmary, her memory locked shut. She is told that her name is Lily Ward and that she is engaged to be married to the charismatic and enigmatic Lord Edward Saxton, heir to the Saxton legacy. Transported to the fortress of Saxton Manor, she is confined and captivated by the controlling mind and consuming passion of her Saxton keeper. In a race against time, Lily Ward must unravel the dark legacy inherited by Lord Saxton in order to find the key to unlock her memory and to discover the truth of who she really is . . .

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Fortuna: The Coupling is a novel of romance, fantasy, supernatural, horror, and fairy tale.